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Required Information

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Please have the following information ready:

  1. Green Barcoded SA ID Number
  2. Marital Status
  3. Employer Details
  4. Pay slips
  5. Three months bank statements 
  6. Dependents
  7. Household Income
  8. Household Expenses
  9. Account Numbers with Creditors and how much you owe

How To Apply

You have the choice of deciding on which method of application best suits your needs.
Provide us with your contact details by clicking here. We will contact you .
You may call us directly on 031 301 1619 for telephonic application.
Sms DEBTNETT and your name  to 071 658 0161  and we will call you back.
If you feel more comfortable with a face to face consult, visit us at DEBTNETT 
Suite F10-2 , 10th floor , Metlife Building, 391 Anton Lembede Street (formerly Smith Street) Durban


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